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Preserved Flower Decorative Displays Certificate Course

Course Objective:

This course mainly teaching students how to integrate preserved flower decorative display into their lives. The decorative displays can be used in home or office. At the end of this course, student will be able to create floral works independently.

The course includes 5 works.

  1.  Table flower design (Stereoscopic or flat surface decorative display)

  2. Glass covered display (Limited 3D space design technique)

  3. Picture frame or clock or photo frame (Limited flat space design technique)

  4. Bouquet design

  5. Garland design (3D open flower and flat surface open flower technique)

Tuition fee HK$8,800


*Tuition fee includes all flower materials in lessons

*Flexible time for doing class

*Certificate will be issued to student by finishing this course

*25% discount is offered to student for buying flower materials in future

*Two people enroll together, HK$500 tuition fee deduction will be applied

*Special dual-tuition fee $16,800 will be offered to student when enrolling Preserved Flower Sweet Marriage Certificate Course together. 30% discount will be also offered to the student to buy flower materials in future.