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Preserved Flower Sweet Marriage Certificate Course

Course Objective:

Teaching three-dimensional open flower and flat surface open flower techniques. Making floral decorations in wedding and creating unique ones. After wedding, the floral decorations can be used in home. It will always bring back the sweetness of your wedding.

The courses include 8 lessons. Productions are:

1. Round flower ball

2. Water-drop shaped flower ball

3. Bridal wreath

4. Head flower

5. Corsage

6. Hand flower

7. Ring box


Tuition fee at HK$8,800

*Tuition fee includes all flower materials in lessons

*Flexible time for doing class

*Certificate will be issued to student by finishing this course

*25% discount is offered to student for buying flower materials in future

*Two people enroll together, HK$500 tuition fee deduction will be applied

*Special dual-tuition fee $16,800 will be offered to student when enrolling Preserved Flower Decorative Displays Certificate Course together. 30% discount will be also offered to the student to buy flower materials in future.